The Dangers of Trad Climbing: Understanding the Risks Involved

how dangerous is trad climbing

How dangerous is trad climbing? To understand the dangers of trad climbing, it is important to familiarize oneself with the traditional climbing gear and techniques involved. Traditional climbing gear consists of different types of protection devices that are placed in cracks or features of the rock to catch a fall. Learning the proper placement and … Read more

Choosing the Right Size Amsteel for Climbing Sticks: A Comprehensive Guide

What Size Amsteel For Climbing Sticks

Choosing the right size Amsteel for climbing sticks is crucial for ensuring safety and optimal performance during your climbing adventures. The size of the Amsteel rope plays a significant role in determining its strength, durability, and overall usability for climbing purposes. Factors such as weight capacity, climbing stick material, climbing style, and personal preference all … Read more

Why Are Climbing Gyms So Expensive? My Honest First-Person Experience Reveals the Truth

why are climbing gyms so expensive

The cost of climbing gyms is often a topic of discussion among enthusiasts and newcomers alike. As someone who has explored this issue firsthand, I understand the curiosity and concerns surrounding the expenses associated with climbing gyms. So, why are climbing gyms so expensive? Well, climbing gyms are often expensive due to the specialized equipment … Read more