About Me

First off; welcome to the blog! I’m an avid outdoorer for many years now and I enjoy pretty much all outdoor activities. When I was a kid my dad used to bring me fishing, and at the beginning I didn’t really enjoy it. Once I grew a little older though, I started realizing how beautiful the outdoor really is!

I started going out myself, and with friends. We did everything outside, whether it was fishing, hanging out, or grilling, we did it all outside! It made me fall in love with nature, and now at an older age I still love it.

Why did I start this blog?

I started this blog to write it all off! I very often get questions from friends and relatives about different things outdoors. This blog will now be my answer to all those questions.

What’s the goal with the blog?

The goal of the blog is to cover as many questions as possible, in different outdoor activities. Hopefully the readers will find the answers good enough to keep reading 🙂