Gold Prospecting When Hiking – A Good Idea?

Gold Prospecting When Hiking

You may be wondering; is gold prospecting a good idea when hiking? Well, we asked ourselves the same question – so we gave it a try! Many people believe gold prospecting is way too hard and it’s impossible to find gold, but it really isn’t. If you know where to look and how to extract … Read more

Why Is Camping Illegal In Some Places?

Why Is Camping Illegal In Some Places

Camping is an amazing activity that can be both relaxing and tons of fun! However, it’s very important to make sure that you are camping in a legal spot. The legality of camping in certain places differs from country to country. Some countries have lots of areas filled with amazing nature that’s open for everyone … Read more

Can You Paddle a Kayak With a Canoe Paddle?

Can You Paddle a Kayak With a Canoe Paddle

A question that has crossed the mind of many canoeists: can you paddle a kayak with a canoe paddle? The answer is yes – and no. Let us explain further in this article. In theory, you could use a canoe paddle to propel a kayak in still water, but it wouldn’t be very efficient. A … Read more

Can You Get Seasick on a Kayak? (+ 9 Tips)

Can You Get Seasick on a Kayak

Can you get seasick on a kayak? If that’s what you’re searching an answer for this article is for you. We will also bring you some tips later on in the article. No matter how calm the waves might be, kayaking can still make you seasick if you’re not used to it. Motion sickness is … Read more

Is Kayaking Hard? (And How Hard Is It Really?)

Is Kayaking Hard

Kayaking is a popular water sport enjoyed by many people. But is kayaking hard? Lets explore what makes kayaking a challenge for some and how to make it easier. Is Kayaking Hard? Kayaking can be hard for some people because it requires a good amount of upper body strength and coordination. If you don’t have … Read more

Is Kayaking Fun? (5 Reasons)

Is Kayaking Fun

If you’re wondering why kayaking is fun, read on for four reasons! Kayaking can provide a great workout, it’s a fun outdoor activity, and it’s perfect for exploring new places. Plus, kayaking is a great way to spend time with friends and family. So what are you waiting for? Get out on the water and … Read more

Is Camping Hard? (10 Tips Included)

Is Camping Hard

Camping, in theory, should be a breeze. Throw a few things in a bag, hop in the car, and drive to your nearest campground. For some reason though it seems to be anything but that. Camping can be hard. Here are 10 tips to make camping easier for you. Is Camping Hard? No, camping is … Read more

Why Can’t I Sleep When Camping? (6 Reasons & Tips)

Why Cant I Sleep When Camping

There’s something about camping that just makes it difficult to get a good night’s sleep. Campgrounds are often noisy and uncomfortable, and when you finally manage to doze off, the sun is already up. If you’re struggling to sleep while camping, here are ten reasons why and some tips on how to fix it. Why … Read more

Does Hiking Burn or Build Muscle?

Does Hiking Burn or Build Muscle

There’s a lot of debate about whether hiking is actually good for you – does it burn or build muscle? The answer is that it depends on the person. For some, hiking can be a great workout, while others may not find it as strenuous. No matter what your opinion is, though, hiking is definitely … Read more