Exploring the Best Descent Routes from Pikes Peak After Hiking – Your Guide to a Safe and Scenic Journey

how to get down pikes peak after hiking

Pikes Peak, located in the Colorado Rockies, is a popular destination for hiking enthusiasts seeking stunning views and an exhilarating outdoor adventure. Descending from Pikes Peak after a rewarding hike requires careful preparation and consideration of various factors. How to get down pikes peak after hiking? Understanding the reasons behind the popularity of Pikes Peak … Read more

Gold Prospecting When Hiking – A Good Idea?

Gold Prospecting When Hiking

You may be wondering; is gold prospecting a good idea when hiking? Well, we asked ourselves the same question – so we gave it a try! Many people believe gold prospecting is way too hard and it’s impossible to find gold, but it really isn’t. If you know where to look and how to extract … Read more

Are ski socks good for hiking?

Are ski socks good for hiking

Whether you like it or not, your feet get cold when being outside. That said though, you might have a pair of ski socks laying around, but are they good for hiking? Most ski socks are made of merino wool, which is one of the best materials for keeping warmth. It’s a rather expensive material, … Read more