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We staff a Master’s level Field Therapist on site, around the clock, for the entirety of our programming. For 22 days, our Field Therapists live, eat, and sleep alongside our participants because we know emotional breakdowns and breakthroughs don’t happen on a set schedule. Our guarantee is that you will not be without credentialed therapeutic guidance when it is needed most.

Our Clinical Staff has over 100 years of experience between them.Medical Director Dr. George Bright, Clinical Supervisor Margie Crow LCSW, and Family Therapist Stann Tebbe LPC, make up the clinical arm of BOE and have over 100 years of experience working with adolescents, young adults, and their families. They can be reached at the Adolescent and Family Health Center.

We are the executive functioning assessment experts. We gain insights into behavior and executive function that most programs don’t even have the opportunity to observe. Between our three modes of travel, wonderfully unpredictable weather, a rotation of daily tasks, and the heightened sense of self-care that comes with wilderness living. our therapists are able to gather more empirical data than any other organization.

Our therapists focus on the root cause of the substance abuse and poor behavior rather than identifying it as the main issue.Yes, substance abuse and poor behavior are major issues, but we treat them as symptoms of something deeper. When we focus on discovering the root cause and work toward healing that, often, we find that the poor decision making and behavior corrects itself.

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