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“It is an essential part of the Blackwater Experience. It helped [my son] integrate what he discovered into his family interactions and gave him time, with evidence, to come up with a viable plan for the future”



Blackwater Outdoor Experiences is the passion project of Dr. George Bright. Founded in 1980 as a week-long program aimed at developing leaderships and social skills in adolescents through wilderness experiences, BOE has adapted over the years to the needs of those we serve. From week-long, to weekend length programs, from adolescents to young adults, for those with mental health issues, to those with social processing needs, BOE has continually offered transformational programs for the youth of the greater Richmond community and beyond.

Currently, BOE specializes in providing therapeutic wilderness expeditions to adolescents and young adults with substance abuse and mental health issues.  Over the course of our flagship 22-day expeditions, participants find themselves canoeing, backpacking, and climbing their way to sounder mental health and sobriety.

Blackwater distinguishes itself within the Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare (OBH) industry firstly by being the only provider to staff a Master’s level Field Therapist on site, around the clock, for the entirety of our programming. For 22 days, our Field Therapists live, eat, and sleep alongside our participants because we know emotional breakdowns and breakthroughs don’t happen on a set schedule. Our guarantee to those we serve is that they will not be without credentialed therapeutic guidance when it is needed most.

Secondly, Blackwater is the only expedition-based OBH program in the state of Virginia. You’ll need to head as far north as Vermont or south to our neighbors in North Carolina to find anything remotely like the programming offered by BOE.


We are partnered with the Adolescent and Family Health Center

We have partnered with Longwood University for research on stress hormones and alternative therapies

We are striving for Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare Accreditation

George M. Bright, M.D.

Founder, Owner, and Medical Director

Dr. Bright has devoted a majority of his career towards working with adolescents, young adults and families who struggle with emotional, academic and social challenges. Additionally, Dr. Bright works with individuals who are trying to free themselves from their dependance on alcohol or drugs.

Margie L. Crow, L.C.S.W.

Clinical Supervisor

Mrs. Crow brings to Blackwater Outdoor Experiences (BOE) and Adolescent & Family Health Center (AFHC) a deep understanding of the needs of families and expertise in family counseling from over 30 years in practice including 15 years of directing community mental health programs.

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